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Reframing AI Governance:

Perspectives from Asia

Digital Futures Lab | Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

July 2022

Much of the scholarship on AI governance is based primarily on the experiences of a few western industrialised economies. Regulation trajectories and governance frameworks are shaped by political and cultural contexts, and hence values, assumptions and goals underlining the pursuit of AI governance are bound to have local flavours.

This collection brings together eleven scholars from Asia to help unpack perspectives on AI governance from South and South-East Asia. 

What are the politics, values, institutions, and policies shaping AI governance across Asian countries?

How well do global conversations around AI governance translate to Asian contexts, with differing state priorities, institutional capacities, and cultural contexts? 

Are there alternative frames or discourses around AI governance emerging from the Asian region?

Watch this TechLaw.Fest fireside chat between Julia Chen (a contributor to the book) and Nicolas Moës (Director of European AI Governance at The Future Society), moderated by Urvashi Aneja, on a comparative look at the AI governance regimes in Europe and China here.

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