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Socio-Material Steering of AI Innovation and Governance

Urvashi Aneja

July 2022

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AI governance conversations are often limited to the high corridors of power. But, in many ways, this is a conversation about our shared and contested futures - what are our societal priorities or visions of a ‘good life’ and what role do we want automated systems to play in that life?

Urvashi Aneja

Urvashi Aneja is the founding director of Digital Futures Lab - a multidisciplinary research network that examines the complex interactions between technology and society in the global south. Her current work examines the ethics and governance of AI in the global south; digital public infrastructure and platforms for public service delivery; and labor rights and wellbeing. From 2017 to 2021, Urvashi was the Founder and Director of Tandem Research, an interdisciplinary research collective working at the interface of technology, society and sustainability.

Urvashi has a PhD from the Department of Political Science and International Affairs, University of Oxford, UK, and a BA in Philosophy and Literature from Utrecht University, The Netherlands.